Thursday October 15, 2009

After three dentists in the Amsterdam area I have finally found one that understands that the little things count. From comfortable modern equipment to ensuring only sterilized items come into contact with my mouth I have found Dr. Tom's practice to be what I had given up hope of finding. A bit of back home where it counts, my mouth. Cheers, Timothy Lowe

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am a patient of Thomas. He is an excellent dentist by US standards and far better than anything I have seen or experienced of Dutch dentists. Before I met Thomas - I used to go to an Indonesian dentist who was excellent. He retired though so needed a new one. He referred me to a Dutch one that I went to once. The guy cleaned my teeth (terribly) and when he took his hands out of my mouth (with his surgical gloves) they were covered with my blood. Suffice it to say I never went back to him except to collect my records. I have been going to Thomas ever since. He is in a very nice professional building near Roelof Hartplein (a nice area if you are not familiar with it). He has a very nice, modern and clean office. He uses state-of-the art equipment and will use novacaine (sp?) etc. if you need it - Dutch dentists don't and are also known for not sterilizing their equipment since they say there has yet to be a case of HIV reported from dental tools?! I am happy to be a reference for Thomas and I have referred other people to him.


Laurie (Founder of the Canadian Expatriates Club of Amsterdam)

Sunday April 01, 2007

Hello folks,

I would like to add the voice of experience to this discussion. Both my partner and I have received dental care from Dr.Tsang in the past year and a half; my partner has had the most extensive work including a new crown. We have been very happy with his dentistry, services and attitude. This is after seven years of dental nightmares with the various Dutch dentist we have tried since moving to Amsterdam. It's hard to find a dentist here; their practices are all full, they seem to think pain is a natural accompaniment of dental work so why bother with extra anesthetic if you are suffering, they do the work that they want to do in the order they want regardless of what your priorities are, and they can leave you needing more dental work then you did when you entered the office. It's not impossible, we found one good Dutch dentist and another from Indonesia, but they both moved to the provinces. We paid a lot of money (without insurance coverage) getting treatment in the US because we have so little confidence in Dutch dentists. That is all over now since a friend recommended Dr.Tsang to us.

Best regards,

Thursday October 22, 2009

I simply wanted to thank you very much for taking the time yesterday to see me and explain some things regarding my broken molar (the one with the huge filling). I am very glad that you practice in the Netherlands, I am more used and more comfortable with one dentist taking care of my teeth (rather than the common Dutch practice of a parade of mouth hygienists, assistants etc.).

Monday April 30, 2007

Hey Thomas,

I'm writing to thank you so much for all of the excellent dental work that you performed on me. I'm especially grateful for the partial denture for which you fitted me. It sits very snugly and, although you cautioned me against chewing on it for a couple of days, was so comfortable right from the start that I would forget. I believe that your patience in ensuring that down-to-the-last-millimeter adjustment had much to do with it.

All the best,

Dianne Kirvan

Thurday May 12, 2009

Good morning Thomas & Thomas,

I started my second [Invisalign] aligner yesterday. The aligners are very retentive. You took amazing impressions.

Sunday May 11, 2008

Name: Lorin Berland

Hi Thomas, It was great meeting you. You're the 1st Harvard grad I ever met who didn't find a way to let me know within our 1st meeting. You must be a special guy . I certainly admire you . All the best!

Monday March 15, 2010

Hi Thomas, Just to let you know that when I asked Anika last night what she wanted to do when she grows up, she said doctor. I asked her what kind of doctor. And she said Dr. Thomas.



Sunday May 11, 2008

Name: Lorin Berland

Hi Thomas, It was great meeting you. You're the 1st Harvard grad I ever met who didn't find a way to let me know within our 1st meeting. You must be a special guy . I certainly admire you . All the best!

Name: Karyn Sosinski

Best trip to the dentist ever, just everything seems easier.

Thursday November 4, 2010

Name: Ruth

For a number of years, the dental profession and I have not seen eye-to-eye. I am usually very skeptical of the people behind the blue (or white) coat. For some reason I was weak and I agreed to a cleaning. However, I must admit I was quite surprised, it did not hurt! And, as an added bonus, the people working there were very friendly and attentive. Although I'm just passing through Amsterdam, if I lived here this would be my dentist of choice.

Great job, and keep up the good work!

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